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[1]陈 立,刘 华.印度支那大学在法属越南的建立与发展[J].宁波大学学报(教育科学版),2018,40(6):39-049.
 CHEN Li,LIU Hua.Development of Indochinese University in Colonial Vietnam[J].JORNAL OF NINGBO,2018,40(6):39-049.





Development of Indochinese University in Colonial Vietnam
陈 立1刘 华2
(1. 宁波大学 教师教育学院,浙江 宁波 315211;2. 宁波大学 外语学院,浙江 宁波 315211)
( 1. College of Teachers Education, Ningbo University, Ningbo 315211, China; 2. Faculty of Foreign Languages. Ningbo University, Ningbo 315211, China )
The Indochinese University French colonisation colonial Vietnam the civilizing mission Vietnamese collaborators
The Indochinese University experienced frequent organisational changes from its founding in Hanoi in 1906 to its closure in 1945 by Japanese army, which witnessed the university’s transformation from a vocational schools in 1907-1920s to an overseas campus of the University of Paris in 1930s to 1945. This institutional transformation was designed to meet the essential demand of the university’s ultimate function of educating Vietnamese collaborators in that period. The historical development of the Indochinese University reflected the educational conflicts and interactions of French colons, Vietnamese and the colonists. Within a highly-centralised administration, it was eventually overseen and dominated for French colonial interests in Indochina, thus growing into an important tool of French political control and indoctrination


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